Heart of Gaspe Podcast

Welcome to the "Heart of Gaspe" Podcast. For nearly three decades in the early 1900s, American geologist and author Dr. John Mason Clarke was an annual summer visitor to the Gaspe Peninsula. Dr. Clarke studied Gaspe's geology, its people, and its history. Based on his experiences he would publish four books on the Gaspe, including 'The Heart of Gaspe' in 1913. His research, poetic style, and first-hand accounts of a turn-of-the-century Gaspe are unparalleled in their historical significance. A treasure for both Gaspesian's, and visitors, to enjoy and cherish today, capturing the essence of its storied history, folklore, and people, in the very formative days of the Gaspe tourism experience. 
Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Clarke, Gaspesian's Mary Robertson, and Walter Willett host this podcast. Join us as we recount the tales of Gaspe's past and celebrate the stories and folklore that make the Gaspe a special place.
Heart of Gaspe John Mason Clarke