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Gasperoadtrip is a tourism marketing agency. We are proudly Gaspesian and provide promotional content and services for travelers, tourists and the travel industry. We can help you plan your visit, or tell you a story about our beautiful oceanside paradise and its rich history and folklore.

Gaspe Road Trip was created to provide friendly, bilingual (English and French), travel guides and travel publications (books, videos, short stories) to benefit visitors to the beautiful Gaspe region for a tour of the famous Gaspe Peninsula. 

  • SAVE TIME... let our expertise help you plan your Gaspe road trip vacation.


  • LEARN.. all about the history, stories and legends of the Gaspesie.


  • CONNECT... our services included guided tours, virtual tours, downloadable stories and books.


  • We are NOT a travel agent or tour operator and we DO NOT book the travel for you. 


  • We DO NOT get paid any compensation or commissions on ANY of the recommendations we make including accommodations or activities tickets. Our sole objective is to help you plan your Gaspe visit with the best information and content.

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