Plan Your Gaspe Road Trip, Videos, Stories and Virtual Guided Tours

Planning a visit to the Gaspe and not sure where to begin? Our virtual tours and educational videos provide a wealth of insider knowledge of how to best plan your road trip to the Gaspe, as well as sharing the vast stories, legends and folklore that the Gaspe Road Trip experience has to offer.

Our tours include pre-recorded video sessions you can watch at your leisure, or for a more in-depth and personalized experience, meet virtually (Zoom webinar) with a Gaspe Road Trip guide that can assist you in planning your visit, share tips and suggestions matching your travel and personal preferences.
Select a package that best meets your needs and follow the check out instructions to start your tour!

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PDF Tutorial

Discover The Gaspe Road Trip Presentation PDF $4.99

Not sure where to begin planning your Gaspe Road Trip? This PDF presentation provides an at-a-glance overview of the basics you will need to know including getting to the Gaspe, getting around, things to do, where to eat, and resources and websites that will assist you in researching your upcoming tour de la Gaspesie.

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Gaspe Virtual Tour Planning

60 Minute Web Consultation

Virtual Guided Tour Pre-Trip Consultation Zoom  $49.99

Take the guesswork out of planning your Gaspe Road Trip and let one of our travel consultants answer your questions and help create your road trip plan. This personalized service includes a private webinar/video with one of our expert consultants.

Rocher Perce Rock


Planning Your Gaspe Road Trip.  $9.95

This narrated video runs over 60 minutes, covering in detail a range of areas including options for traveling to the Gaspe, getting around, places to stay and the wonderful culinary delights of the Gaspe, main attractions, parks and beaches to visit, along with historical facts, stories and legends to discover while on the world famous “tour de la Gaspesie”. Ideal for first time Gaspe Road Trippers considering planning a "tour de la Gaspesie".

Guided Virtual Tours
Bonaventure Lighthouse


Witnesses Of The Sea.  $9.95

This 30 minute video explores the 14 lighthouses that dot the shorelines of the Gaspe Peninsula and that you can visit today on your Gaspe Road Trip. Step back in time to the days of high adventure on the seas, the great Gaspe cod fishery and the tragic shipwrecks and sea-going legends that make the Gaspe road trip so special, while enjoying some of the most spectacular views in the area from its historic lighthouse circuit.

Light houses in the Gaspe
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Do It yourself - PLAN YOUR OWN TRIP

….spending hours and hours researching and reading multiple websites, social media, pre-made itineraries and tourism guides. FACT: Were you aware there are over 800 lodging and accommodation options to choose from in the Gaspe?

….wasting precious time on your trip deciding what to do next or being disappointed because you saved an attraction for the last day and didn’t know it was closed or fully booked up. FACT: Did you know the population of the Gaspe increases by as much as 8x’s during peak tourist season?

….booking an activity that you will end up paying for some activities that don’t really interest you.  MYTH: Not all fishing excursions are created equal… nor all fishing rivers! Ask Us About The Grand!

….hiring a travel agent that plans travel based on where they get a commission. TIP: With Gaspe’s majority french-speaking population, knowing a few key words can be a real difference! We can translate that for you!

…..guessing what are the best things to do based on a website photo or social media post. TIP: Many of Gaspe’s best travel experiences are not found on websites or social media pages!

….creating an itinerary that may not be feasible based on things like driving distances, open/close hours or establishments or missing the hidden gems not advertised! TIP: Have you considered how big a deal that TIME, DISTANCES and WEATHER can factor into your Gaspe experience?

….we help you save time with hours and hours of searching websites, watching videos and reading social media. You benefit from our knowledge and first-hand experience in Gaspe tourism offerings, locations and logistical planning.

….we can design a personalized itinerary plan that helps you avoid the crowds, the rush and the headaches because of our on-the-ground real life tourism experience.

…..a whole trip spent doing what matters to you the most because the itinerary is 100% designed to your wants and needs.

….hiring a GaspeRoadTrip Planner who gets paid to customize an itinerary that is based on the type of accommodation and places that you want to stay at and visit.

….recommendations and insider tips from experts who live, work and understand the Gaspe tourism offer.

….creating an itinerary with the help of a seasoned professional that understands the Gaspe experience and can present the full range of options and opportunities to consider.