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If you are considering or planning for a visit to the Gaspe, this video will be a great resource for tips, itinerary suggestions, places to see, and things to do. This 50-minute video is hosted by guide and Gasperoadtrip founder Walter Willett, who covers all the elements of planning your Gaspe vacation including; geography/itineraries, attractions/lodging/culinary, stories/legends/museums, and reservations/websites to visit. It's never too early to begin your planning and this is the step off A-Z video session to get your vacation research started!

Discover Gaspe! Guided VIDEO Tour

  • •Geography



    •Itinerary Tips & Suggestions


    •Major Parks

    •Outdoor Adventures


    •Gaspesie Culinary

    •Lodging Options

    •Art Galleries and Artists

    •Stories and Legends

    •Explore and discover the shipwrecks, lighthouses and museums, heritage sites


    •Wifi & Cell Coverage


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