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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Virtual Guided Tours and The Legends, Stories, and Folklore Of The Gaspe. is a content-rich website and information resource that provides pre-trip tour guiding and consulting, as well as a “Treasure Trove” of Gaspe-related books, e-books, and downloadable stories on the legends, myths, and tourist attractions of the Gaspe.

Co-founders Mary Robertson and Walter Willett, both Gaspe tourism industry veterans, teamed up to develop the website that includes pre-trip planning virtual tours and information for tourists preparing for a Gaspe road trip vacation.

The website includes a digital store, the “Treasure Trove”, featuring paperback, e-books, and short stories exploring Gaspe history, legends, and tourism attractions that make up the epic road trip experience. The website is live, in time for the 2022 tourism season, initially targeting the out-of-province tourism market, with plans to translate the site for in-province clientele.

The website launch coincides with the announcement of the upcoming release of two new books for tourists and Gaspesians alike; The Legend of the Phantom Ship by Mary Robertson, an enthralling story of the legend, and sightings, of the Phantom Ship of the Baie-des-Chaleurs, among the Gaspe’s greatest “ghost” stories, and Gaspe The Romantique Revisited by Walter Willett, a Gaspe road trip travelogue and guide to the myths, legends, stories of the Gaspe, a modern interpretation and celebration of one of Gaspe’s most famous literary works, “Gaspe The Romantique”, written by Olive Willett Smith, published in 1936.

“Our objective is to help grow the tourism potential of the Gaspe Coast, while also telling and sharing its authentic stories, legends and tales to enhance and enlighten the experience for tourists planning a visit to our wonderful Gaspesie”, explained Robertson and Willett on the hopes for the new business.


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