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Imagine having a personalized tour and planning guide at your fingertips as you plan out your ultimate Gaspe road trip vacation. Look no further than this value bundle offer that puts you in touch with Gaspesians who can provide the 'ins and outs' of making your journey around the coast, telling you a few stories along the way about the vast history and legends of the region, and providing trip planning tips and suggestions that will personalize your Gaspe experience. 

Discover Gaspe! ULTIMATE Planning BUNDLE

    • This value bundle is ideal if you are planning a visit to the Gaspe region for the first time. This package includes:

      • A PDF tutorial about the basics of planning a visit and sources for more information including websites and practical travel planning tips.
      • A signed copy of the history and travelogue book "Gaspe the Romantique Revisited", which captures a three week family vacation tour of the Gaspe, along with recounting the history, stories and legends of the people and places you will be visiting. 
      • A 60 minute web session with a Gasperoadtrip consultant to answer additional questions on itinerary planning and customizing options based on your travel interests and preferences.
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