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Welcome to Gaspe road trip. We offer trip-planning and tourist resources including videos, books, stories, and guided tours. Discover the rich history and things to do in the Gaspesie region of Eastern Quebec.

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Plan Your Gaspe Road Trip With This Travelogue Guide Book And Discover the History, Legends and Attractions Of The Gaspe.

Discover The Gaspe Peninsula And The World Famous
Tour de la Gaspesie, Where Mountains Meet Sea!

Jacques Cartier Boat Gaspe

Thinking of a vacation road trip to the Gaspe? Let us help you discover the hidden treasures of the Gaspesie region of Eastern Quebec.

Our services include guided virtual pre-trip consultations and trip planning resources. Our "Treasure Trove" includes a selection of downloadable stories and books on the legends, folklore and history of the famous "Tour de la Gaspesie" to enhance and enlighten your upcoming visit to our coast.

Bonaventure Island Bird Sanctuary Gaspesie
Gaspe Whale watching

Gaspe Things To Do, Places To Stay and The Legends And Stories To Discover

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We are here to provide more than just directions, because we want you to know more about what there is to see, do and experience here in the Gaspesie.


We are Gaspesian storytellers and tour guides, helping you to discover, explore and experience all there is to know, see and do when visiting the Gaspe!


DISCOVER: As storytellers we unravel for you the legends, myths and attractions that make the Gaspe road trip so unique! 


EXPLORE: Visit our “Treasure Trove” digital bookstore and dive into the vast legends and lore of the Gaspe, via downloadable stories and Gaspe travel books that will enlighten and enhance your upcoming visit! 


EXPERIENCE: Let our expertise help you plan your Gaspe road trip, with a friendly, personal touch, we can assist in tailoring your ultimate Gaspe road trip travel itinerary. 

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